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Production for The Road to Record documentary film is moving along as we just wrapped up filming with quite a few people. The list includes veteran audio engineer Tom Hall, Paradise Sound in Index, Jesse Field at Robert Lang Studios, former studio owner Kevin Boyd, and the gang at Electrokitty Recording.

Audio Engineer Tom Hall - The Road to Record Doc film - Photo © Dave Krygier - RoadtoRecord.netAudio interviews have been recorded with Larry Anschell (Turtle Recording Studio) and Phil Wagner (Solid State Logic). Next month we are scheduled to film at Crabwalk Studios, Michael Lewis Studios, Spokane Falls Community College, and again at Robert Lang Studios. 

If production scheduling works out and COVID restrictions get lifted in British Columbia, we could even have a BC camera operator covering Larry Anschell at Turtle Recording Studio. Oh, how I wish I could be live on location for this one!

All I can add at this point is that now until April 5th we are in full on production mode capturing as much as we can to complete the film on time and the crowdfund is due to launch in March.