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Well here we go, the Jerome Film Festival!

What a story to tell here…

Analog is Not Dead was a spin off off the Road to Record project because we simply ran out of money to complete the original 45 minute documentary in 2021 and I wanted to make it to at least one film festival. So I assembled a rough cut, sent it to Chris Colton in Denver to polish, and had Michael Lewis do the sound design, all in about six weeks and then started festival submissions to see if could make just one and I’d have a laurel to utilize. We ended up screening in six festivals including Gig Harbor Film Festival and BiteSize Film Festival, Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival, Snohomish Film Festival and Spokane International Film Festival.

The analog story really grew out of my upbringing in the analog studio days of the 1980s. My love of tape, vinyl, dials, faders, VU meters and everything analog. From the Neotek consoles to MCI JH-24 tape machines

Once the festivals were done I had to move onto other income making production ops and the project sat on the edit shelf patiently waiting.

Fast forward to mid August 2023 and I’m hit with a sledgehammer when the doc says I have a tumor the size of my kidney and need to start chemo asap. At the same time my email is pinging from the folks at Jerome Film Festival saying, hey we’d like to screen your film, please send us the files.

So while dealing with all the cancer bologna I pulled everything together and here we sit screening at 8pm in Jerome Arizona. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have this short low budget film screening at such a cool festival as Jerome. Thank you to Toni and Del for making this happen.