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Pre-production has started for the film and the accompanying book is also in process. Yes, you read that correctly, a book. Call me crazy for taking on The Road to Record book at the same time as the film while I’m still in post production for the PRO3 documentary film, writing my 3rd book and still serving clients. You could view it as combination whirlwind and zoo for the foreseeable future. 

Studios and people currently on board and to be featured in The Road to Record documentary film include Spokane Studios, Spokane Valley WA; Larry Crane – Jackpot Recording Portland, Oregon; John Van Houdt – Sound Logic Audio, Colbert, WA; Kevin Boyd (previous studio owner of Klub Kev’s), Patrick Sample – Paradise Sound, Index, WA; Larry Anschell – Turtle Recording, Vancouver BC; Sphere Recording Consoles, Nashville Tennessee, and veteran producer/engineer Tom Hall, Kirkland, WA. 

In addition to these studios and people, we are intending to film at least one college level recording program and hopefully connect with at least one more console manufacturer. We also have several other studios who we are in conversations with but not confirmed.

You could say things are moving along at a pretty fast clip. The crowdfund is in the works and production is planned to be under way in February. If all goes as planned we’ll have most of the filming done before late March and the film and book will be released hopefully by summer.

As always with these kinds of longer form creative projects, and add COVID into the mix, we have to be flexible and understanding. So people and studios may change as we get along in the coming months. We’ll let you know as things progress on The Road to Record adventure. It’s exciting and we feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to share all these stories with you.

Stay tuned in. There’s much more to come.