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The Road to Record is a documentary project that currently includes two films and book that digs into the world of recording studios, and the people who own and run them. The first short film, “Analog is Not Dead” will premiere at film festivals in September 2021.

The stories you’ll experience dive into the past, present and look to the future as the industry has seen so many changes, turmoil and upheaval in the last 20 to 40 years. 

Recording studios have long been the life of the music business since the 1950s. In these films and book you’ll see the lifeblood and backbone of the these facilities, large and small. You’ll experience the stories of the engineers, producers, owners, musicians and industry experts; as these people share their hearts and minds about life in the studio and what it’s like in the ever changing world of recording music.

Covering the time period of the early 1980s to present, this 40 year journey shows the shift from analog to digital and back to analog during some of the greatest periods of music creation. Plus it views the transition from big commercial studios to the home basement revolution and the effects it has had on commercial facilities and the people who support them.

Many of these commercial facilities have gone out of business, never to open their doors again. Some have simply changed hands, while others are still holding on, surviving, and rolling with the changes.

These stories have to be told as many of the veteran engineers and producers who started out in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s are getting up there in years and will some day no longer be with us. Add to this the fact that some of the facilities could be in the future considered on the endangered list, as economic uncertainty and home recording continue to spread across the world.

Some of the studios and people to be featured in the Road to Record long form documentary film and Analog is Not Dead short film include Electrokitty Recording Studio (Seattle WA), John Van Houdt – Sound Logic Audio(Colbert, WA), Robert Lang Studios (Seattle, WA), Patrick Sample Paradise Sound (Index, WA ), Larry Anschell – Turtle Recording (Vancouver BC), Tom Hall – veteran producer/engineer (Kirkland, WA), Producer/composer Michael Lewis (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho), Chris Mara – Mara Machines (Nashville, TN), and Larry Crane (Portland, Oregon).  In addition to these studios and people, the producer has filmed at one college level recording program with instructors. Hopefully we’ll be able to capture at least one to two recording console manufacturers.

The music industry needs these people and the professional recording facilities that they have dedicated their lives too. We hope you’ll help us preserve these stories. Help us to open the eyes and ears of so many musicians who could be taking their music to the next level, recording and mixing their songs on world class equipment with great engineers and producers. Donate to the Road to Record film and book project here on Go Fund Me.


Analog is Not Dead at Gig Harbor Film Festival

Analog is Not Dead at Gig Harbor Film Festival

Well, it's official. The short 8 minute film we cut together aptly named "Analog is Not Dead" is now an official selection at the Gig Harbor Film Festival September 23 to 26 2021. It's exciting to see that we were chosen and that this is our first festival for the Road to Record films! This journey with the RTR project has been very interesting, enlightening and challenging. With so many bumps and turns along the way, it's been like a winding mountain road. So here we are today and the project...

The Analog Revival

The Analog Revival

Some good news to report as we decided to create a short film about analog recording (The Analog Revival) to make festival deadlines in June. We are hoping to utilize this short to increase the interest at our crowdfund on Go Fund Me and with potential sponsors, so we can finish the 45 to 60 minute documentary.  The short film features Tom Hall (pictured here), Chris Mara, Larry Anschell and Pat Sample. It's in post right now and should be ready to go by mid June - cross your fingers!....

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