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Here’s the latest fall film festival update for those of you who are to stay in the loop about Analog is Not Dead. You could say that with all that’s going on in the world right now that entering another series of festivals would be crazy? To be honest I’m not sure either way at this point.

The good news to report is that the Snohomish Film Festival (virtually) is still happening this coming weekend. So our short film Analog is Not Dead will be screening online.

The bad news is that Gig Harbor and Sandpoint have been postponed until 2020. 🙁  So now we’ll have to take a look at some other virtual festivals for this short documentary. All I can say is for a first time festival run, it’s been interesting. We made it into three festivals and they were all within two weeks of each other! What more could a newbie festival filmmaker ask for.

On another good note we have solidified the fiscal sponsorship with From the Heart Productions. They are the 501c3 non-profit that I mentioned earlier this summer. The association with them allows all sponsorships and donations to be tax deductible. Just to be clear, they are not funding the film but are allowing our donations to pass through to them and then back to us. This is extremely good news so we can look forward to finishing the film as soon as possible.

So if you can think of anyone who would be interested in supporting the Road to Record documentary project, please have them touch bases with us at the studio.