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Well, it’s official. The short 8 minute film we cut together aptly named “Analog is Not Dead” is now an official selection at the Gig Harbor Film Festival September 23 to 26 2021. It’s exciting to see that we were chosen and that this is our first festival for the Road to Record films!

This journey with the RTR project has been very interesting, enlightening and challenging. With so many bumps and turns along the way, it’s been like a winding mountain road. So here we are today and the project is still alive and not dead. We’re still moving forward and have made progress with this short film and the book.

Analog is Not Dead (abbreviated AIND) was not even on the drawing board until April arrived. This is when I realized there just wasn’t enough time nor money to cut together the full length 45 to 60 minute documentary film in time for some fall festivals. But with some late nights and weekends I rough cut and assembled the footage, audio and music that came to be this short flick about analog recording still being alive.

Special shout outs and thanks to those who gave their time, contributed and are in the “Analog is Not Dead” short film: Tom Hall, Patrick Sample, Chris Mara @ Mara Machines, Larry Anschell @ Turtle Recording, Dwayne Parsons (music for Paradise Sound), Michael Lewis(intro music and post audio), Jason Mitchell(music for Turtle Recording), Chris Newbury, Kevin Boyd, Pamela Meyer & Steve Gamberoni @ Spokane Falls Community College, and my girls Brianna and Lindsey for helping on the many locations we filmed at.

Now we are off to work on a trailer for this short flick, post production audio(sweetening) and writing the book. What can I say except that I’m so very grateful and looking forward to seeing the short up on the big screen, so stay tuned!

For more information about the Gig Harbor Film Festival, check out To find out how you can support this project and keep it alive – visit the GoFundMe site at