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We launched the GoFundMe crowdfund in March to be able to finish the Road to Record film and book. The bottom line is that we need help financially in order to do this, otherwise neither may never be completed or could be at least a year or two to publish.

The Road to Record Documentary Film by Dave Krygier - RoadtoRecord.netThese stories have to be told and shared. Time is of the essence and so we have been diligently working on and staying focused to gather all the content needed to complete the project. Production and writing are currently under way and we’ve already been to and visited Sound Logic Audio, Robert Lang Studios, Electrokitty Recording, Tom Hall’s EarWorks Audio, and Paradise Sound. Phone Interviews have also been done with Larry Anschell at Turtle Recording in BC, and Phil Wagner from Solid State Logic.

Mid to late March we’ll be connecting with songwriter and recording artist Chris Newberry, Larry Crane, Michael Lewis, Jared Crab, and Spokane Falls Community College. In addition to these sessions we are headed back to Paradise Sound and Robert Lang Studios for additional footage and interviews.

It’s an exciting project and one that will hopefully have a positive impact on the people and facilities in addition to musicians across the world. So we hope you’ll help us see it through to completion. Even it it’s just $10 to $20, donate here at GoFundMe to make a difference and help the team complete the documentary and book.