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This is our latest behind the scenes filming update for the Road to Record documentary and book project. There’s so much going here that we’ll need to do several posts to keep everyone up to speed. It’s kind of amazing that time is flying by so fast and we are already in the spring!

Late March had us revisiting people and studios over in the Puget Sound area – Pat and Karen Sample at Paradise Sound in Index, Kevin  Boyd (ex-Klub Kev’s Studio owner) and Tom Hall at Earworks Audio. We then took a local side trip to filming at Spokane Falls Community College, capturing interviews, their digital console and the old multitrack tape tape machines.

In early April our content gathering journey lead us to Jared Crab’s Crabwalk Studios to capture b roll and  footage with composer/drummer Chris Newberry and his band. Chris supplied his track “My Love” to the documentary film and has been a gracious contributor. Jared Crab has had his own set of challenges and setbacks over the years. But even through those he has continued to operate his commercial facility for the many years.

Kevin Boyd Interview Behind the Scenes Filming - Photo1481 © Dave Krygier - RoadtoRecord.netKevin Boyd’s story is one of heart ache and brings back memories of our agency days creating the brand for his studio. I am really looking forward to adding him into the mix of stories in the films and book.

Tom Hall, as usual, was fun to be with and so patient with us as we captured the b roll shots that were needed to round out his story. No matter how much digital takes over the recording landscape, I’ll always love seeing, hearing and working with multitrack tape machines. 

The Road to Record by Dave Krygier - © Dave Krygier - DMKProductions.tvLastly we have Rico Zaico and his engineer Isaiah Moss at Mozez Beats studio. Rico and his writing partner Yannick are originally from Africa and have worked with us on two music videos. They have such great stories as does their engineer. 

No matter where we go with this project, behind the scenes filming is always fun and enjoyable. Now we will continue in post production working on the short and long version of the film along with writing up a storm. So much to do! Stay tuned!