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Every once in a while you meet someone out of the blue. This was certainly the case on February 3rd as I was working on writing in the early am for my third book project. I decided to take a break and check Linked In which had recommendations popping up. So I starting scanning and occasionally clicking. Then I came across a picture of a guy playing guitar and figured hmmm, this could be an interesting connection considering were are working on the Road to Record documentary.

So I clicked the connect button and the next thing I know, Michael Lewis responds with an approval to connect. I then messaged him to find out if he was here in the Northwest or in Nashville.  It turns out he is located in North Idaho and with that a conversation we talked about the film, music projects and studio experiences.

The Road to Record Doc Film Featuring Michael LewisMichael has a recording studio career that spans 35 years. From Portland and Medford Oregon to Spokane Washington and Coeur d’ Alene Idaho he’s been involved in studios throughout the Pacific Northwest. A touring musician for 20 years, he’s also visited churches all over the country. In recent years prior to COVID he’s performed live on the Columbia River Ferry and at Ski resorts during the winter.

In our first phone call we covered a lot of ground, but the most interesting story comes from his work with Yes vocalist, and songwriter Jon Anderson and violinist extraordinaire Jean Luc Ponty. One of his most interesting stories that we need to dig into is about his mixing a 110 track digital session right there in his basement! I mean that’s pretty intense considering that years ago 48 tracks with two analog or digital machines synced up together was a big deal. Plus he has so many interesting stories about the different studios he worked at in the early years.

Simply put, Michael has a studio background that is simply off the charts and after three decades of studio and live tales, he’s going to share and let us into his world of making, recording and mixing music.