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We started filming for The Road to Record documentary film at Sound Logic Audio ( in early January with audio veteran John Van Houdt. John’s 30 plus years as an engineer, musician and producer have culminated in a long list of clients and projects. He’s worked with a variety of talent and companies over the years and his stories are really great. I look forward to bringing these to life in both the film and book.

Sound Logic Studios Spokane - Photo © Dave Krygier - DMK Productions.coJohn is a gentle soul and true professional who I have known for some years. He fits into the group of what I refer to as hybrid engineers who worked in the times of analog and understand what it’s like to handle tape. He came up in the late 80s and 90s in the local Spokane advertising and music scene. His work on the commercial and industrial side of the house has had him engineering and producing radio, voice overs, music and sounds for television and web. Add to that mix his musical talents as a multi-instrumentalist, and he’s a one man band, the rare breed of engineer that I don’t encounter very often. A matter of fact it’s been since my jingle and radio days of working with Grammy Award winning songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and engineer Dave Raynor that I have come across this type of individual that has blended so many talents.

John like Dave has the technical side of engineering mastered along with the musical. Thus his ability to create and develop sounds and music is really outstanding. And he’s made a living at this crazy roller coaster of a business while maintaining his cozy little home studio – Sound Logic Audio.

What a great way to get started on this film and book adventure. I hope you will enjoy his stories and background just as much as I have.